Mission Statement

The Home for Good campaign is committed to improving housing opportunities for low-income families and communities of color.  The campaign was created in response to the housing crisis and the obvious need for a stronger advocacy effort on behalf of underserved families. Homeownership has long been the primary asset for most Americans, steadily building modest wealth that can leverage education, entrepreneurship, or retirement opportunities.

When nurtured over a life cycle, home equity can be shared with the next generation and further their financial security.  Communities of color do not own homes at the rates comparable to their White peers, which contributes heavily to the racial wealth gap.

Civil Cap Hill with group Take action 4 30 13rights institutions have fought for decades for policies that ensure that qualified borrowers of color are able to access the same homeownership opportunities enjoyed by the rest of the market.  Unfortunately, policies to this end have been undermined by lax oversight of financial institutions, faulty implementation, and predatory lending.  An abundance of research indicates that Black and Hispanic borrowers were disproportionately sold subprime loans, even when their income and credit profiles warranted standard prime loans.  

For these reasons, the Home for Good campaign strives to ensure that our families’ story is shared locally and nationally to improve housing for all.