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Homeownership represents financial security for Latino families and a better life as they work every day to achieve the American Dream.

Homeownership is great for Latino families and for society as a whole as it fosters investment in the community, as well as safe and stable neighborhoods.

For NCLR’s National Homeownership Network (NHN), this is an integral part of our mission.

NHN helps Latino families purchase a home and reduces the large homeownership gap between White and Latino owners.

Homeownership rates had been steadily increasing until the foreclosure crisis in 2007 hit. Since then, the rate of Latino homeowners has dropped significantly. According to the State of Hispanic Homeownership Report, in 2012, the rate of Latino homeownership was down to 46.1 percent.


Homeownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream and often a doorway to greater opportunity.

The family that is able to buy or rent in a neighborhood with a thriving local economy is undoubtedly more likely to find the kinds of quality, well-paying jobs that will help them move up the economic ladder.

Children who are able to attend good school systems have a greater chance of moving on to higher education and achieving their professional dreams.

Choosing where to settle down is a decision with tremendous implications for a family’s future.

Unfortunately, not everybody is given a fair shot at living in the communities of their choice.

The Fair Housing Act, signed into law more than 45 years ago to end discriminatory housing practices, has been an essential safeguard for Latino families who would otherwise have been denied equal access to housing.