Several years ago, civil rights and consumer groups joined forces to create the Home for Good campaign because we Victories H4G 4 30 13realized that our families did not have a voice in the housing debate. We also noticed that key leaders have fallen silent on the housing crisis, which is still very much a reality in our neighborhoods. Since coming together to keep families in their homes, we have successfully:

  • Hosted more than 15 community events with Home for Good affiliates, civil rights and consumer partners, and local decision-makers to inform voters on foreclosure prevention and a strengthened housing system
  • Extended local interests to the national debate, such as by nimbly responding with tailored strategies to aid in the passage of California’s Homeowners Bill of Rights, a champion piece of legislation that will serve as a model for national policy changes
  • Captured the attention of the public and the 2012 presidential candidates by gathering nearly 40,000 postcards from throughout the U.S. requesting that the candidates prioritize sensible housing improvements
  • Attracted attention from high-profile media sources including the New York Times, ABC News, and The Nation
  • Helped reframe the housing debate and highlight the needs of low-income families and communities of color
  • Increased advocates’ participation in the policy debate
  • Gathered more than 10,000 petition signatures in 2011 and delivered them to Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner
  • Facilitated more than 400 calls from the American public to the U.S. Treasury asking Secretary Geithner to use his leadership to stem wrongful foreclosures
  • Helped secure 12 months of forbearance for unemployed homeowners through HAMP and Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
  • Helped secure $45 million in funding for housing counseling—a critical service that was originally defunded in full
  We are delighted with these outcomes and expect more successes in the future.